L2 Steel Lintel Installation

L2 Steel Lintel Installation Instructions

  1. Lay wall to required height and opening.
  2. Set Lintel on block with 3" ± 1/2" of bearing.
  3. Place Lintel on block level and square. Lay bond beam block upside down on Lintel at each end.
  4. Shore Lintel as required to compensate for dead load deflection on non cured Masonry and grout.
    Shore lintel prior to laying block and grouting.
  5. It is recommended to shore lintel in the middle of spans greater than 8'-0" and less than 15'-0". On spans greater than 16'-0" use 2 shores spaced equal distance apart at approximately 5'-4" spacing. On spans greater than 16'-0" place shoring at 6'-0" centers. Make sure shoring is square to Lintel and secure. Make sure shoring supports the entire width of the bottom of the Lintel.
  6. Proceed to lay first lay first and second courses of block for 16" deep lintels and so on for lintels with greater depths.
  7. Rod grout adequately to ensure consolidation of grout (no air pockets)
  8. Place top #5 rebar grade 60 Set 1.5" from top of all Lintel designs and in some cases in the bottom of the Lintel as shown on Load Tables. (see detail)

PowerSPAN L2 Lintels can be cut on-site!

L2 Steel Lintels can be cut on site.