PowerBox Steel Lintel Benefits

Save Money by Reducing Construction Costs!

Florida Product Approval Number FL11383 – Power Box
Florida Product Approval Number FL5450 – Recessed Door Header

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Large Grout Opening Compared to Precast

PowerBox Steel LintelPrecast Lintel
  • Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Made in Florida
  • Save money by reducing construction costs!
  • No Forming
  • High value safe loads
  • No special inspection required
  • Grout hoses fit into Power Box Lintel for easy grouting
  • Engineered up to 40 feet!
  • No problem grouting cells with large grout openings at both ends
    - How often do you repair ungrouted cells with precast lintels?
  • Labor Savings - less employees required to lift and install
  • Already installed in tens of thousands quality homes in Florida!
  • A skim coat of stucco or decorative cementatious covering bonds securely to our specially deformed surface
  • Lightweight and Easy to Lift - reduce injuries and save on insurance expenditures (Accident free for one year should qualify your company for reduced insurance rates.)
  • #5 Rebar is NOT needed, only when it is specifically called out by engineer
  • Available in 12" wide and up to 21' as a custom order
  • Compared to other similar products in the industry our products are not only easier to use but safer to install.

PowerBox Steel Box Lintel

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PowerBox Steel Lintel Schematic

Tap-Con Directly into the Box Lintel