Steel Lintel Technical Support

Below are links to download engineering documents and CAD drawings for the L2 and Box lintels. Our many PowerSPAN Steel Lintel dealers are an excellent local resource for technical assistance, local inventory, installation questions and much more. Contact them today!

PowerBOX Steel Lintel Technical Information

Florida Product Approval Number FL11383 – Power Box
Florida Product Approval Number FL5450 – Recessed Door Header

Timber Products (TP) Quality Assurance Program Certified
DOWNLOAD PowerBox8 Engineering (3000psi) - Florida
DOWNLOAD Recessed Door Header Engineering (3000psi) - Florida
DOWNLOAD PowerBox8LT Engineering (3000psi) - Florida

CAD Drawings:

Click on the links below to download PSbox8 Steel Lintel Gravity, Lateral, and Uplift CAD drawings [.PDF].

PowerBOX Steel LintelPSbox8 Steel Box Lintel Detail

CAD Drawings:

Click on the link below to download PS8(L2) Steel Lintel Gravity, Lateral, and Uplift CAD drawings [.PDF].

PowerSPAN L2 Steel LintelPowerSPAN L2 Drawings

Steel Lintel Engineering Contacts

Give us a call if we can be of any further assistance to you.

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Consulting Engineer
(Steel Lintels)

Paul Scott  P.E.
Scott Structural Engineering, LLC

3527 East Elm Street
Phoenix AZ 85018
Phone: ‭(602) 370-1231‬

Consulting Engineer
(Florida - Steel Lintels)

Steve Schaub
SE Consultants

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Phone: 480-946-2010
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