Bolted Connection Details

No Weld, Money Saving Bolted Assembly!

  1. Dig hole for footings
  2. Insert rebar cage as engineering requires (only for DSA)
  3. Place column
  4. Pour concrete footing
    • Some conditions require filling column with concrete
  5. Install mounting plates with nuts and bolts
  6. Place rafter and bolt in place
  7. Attach Super Purlins with self tapping screws
  8. Mount midspan brace for support
    • Add knee brace to midspan brace
  9. Drop or slide PV panels into Super Purlins
    • Attach four (4) Powers Gator Clamps to each PV panel
  10. All panels fit securely within each purlin for a perfect fit

City of Los Angeles Approved Steel FabricatorClark County, NV Approved Fabricator

U.S. Patent No. 9394689