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    Innovative Steel Construction Components

    For over 50 years, innovative products and a “Can Do” attitude combined with unsurpassed service and competitive prices have helped keep our customers at the top of their fields. We will do whatever it takes, including improving on and adding to our already innovative and patented products. As a manufacturer, our products are proudly made in the U.S.A. at our facility in Phoenix, AZ. Our products will improve your efficiency in the field by reducing costs in materials and labor. In addition, we maintain a large on-hand inventory eliminating supply shortages and reducing your problems with change orders and down time.

    PowerBox Lintel

    Our innovative steel lintel is safer to install, cheaper to ship and costs less to install. Create dramatic opening up to 40 feet! Florida approved and strong for life, our steel lintel is ready to save YOU money on your next project!

    Carport Frames

    Our no weld bolted frames reduce construction time and the all galvanized framework does not require paint. With an aesthetically pleasing clean designs and full engineering available, our carport frames are ready for your next project.

    PowerSPAN L2

    #1 Steel lintel for Architectural block! Our proven and dependable design works as a leave in place form. Lightweight and easy to lift, makes installation both faster and safer. Already installed in tens of thousands of homes in Florida and all over the USA!

    Custom Purlins

    Custom sizing and punching available for all our CEE and ZEE purlins. Black or galvanized, 10 to 20 gauge material. IAMPO Uniform ES certified. Have us roll, punch and deliver to your specifications to your next job site.

    Safer Installation

    Our PowerBOX and PowerSPAN Steel lintels are Lightweight and Easy to Lift - reducing injuries and saving on insurance expenditures (accident free for one year should qualify your company for reduced insurance rates.) Dramatically lighter weight in comparison to precast lintels will also save on shipping expenditures.